My name is Sean. I started Shadow Equipment (SHDWEQPT) because I love gun stuff and I love designing and making things. I spent the better part of two years building the company, working early mornings, late evenings and long weekends. Recently I was able to transition SHDWEQPT to my full time job, so I thank all of you for your support in helping me get here!

I make everything at home, right here in the US, with American made materials. My prices reflect this and I hope that you value the difference.


The Metamorphosis

The ultimate goal of Shadow Equipment is to preserve and re-expand the culture of gun ownership and use. I believe that it is a fundamental human right. I will always be civil and thoughtful, with my focus on building a friendly culture of gun rights. Gun owners have long been dragged through the mud in the media, but the culture is now shifting, the metamorphosis has begun - gun ownership is normalizing across America and that’s a good thing.